Christina Wasson, Principal   |   Denton, Texas, USA   |   wasson (at) rockrosestud.io

I am a design anthropologist and linguistic anthropologist, and professor at the University of North Texas.  For more on my background, see christinawasson.com


Technology use is culturally embedded.  For example, drivers in India often have different driving practices and understandings of the road than drivers in the US.  

Cultural differences can be found not only across countries, but across organizations, professions, and many other groups.

As an anthropologist, I investigate culturally specific uses of products ranging from mobile apps to cars, in order to ensure that these products are designed to meet users' needs.  I collaborate with stakeholder groups in a participatory process of research, design, and social change.

I work with users to understand their experiences around some technology, product, service, or organization.

I work with designers and other relevant specialists to translate user experiences into the development of a product or service.

I work with communities to promote positive social change.

I take on consulting work based on its potential to improve people's lives.


My work is motivated by a passion for three Cs: communicationcollaboration, and community-building, in both face-to-face and online contexts.

The goal of my work is always to improve the three Cs for the user groups I engage with.

The three Cs also describe my team-oriented approach.

My work is informed by design anthropology and linguistic anthropology.  I mainly consult in the areas of user experience and user-centered design, with the understanding that how people engage with technologies is intimately linked to other cultural practices and institutional constraints.

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